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    Hello all – I am hoping to connect with someone close by that has a similar sized dog. Although my dog gets along with almost all dogs, he is such a mellow little guy that sharing with big dogs or even medium dogs is not going to work.

    If anyone has a small dog that you think would be a good match for Rocky let me know and we can meet for a walk or greet.

    I am in 92129 North PQ area.

    PM me if you are interested. Thanks!


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    Rocky sounds like a great match with my dog. They definitely have similar personalities. Let’s get together so our dogs can meet. PM me. Thanks – Isabella

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    I am also in the north PQ area – Vista Mar. My chihuahua only wants to meet small dogs. She is just under 7 lbs and is defensive with larger dogs who hover over her. PM if you like – Laura

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